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Custom 4X4 Builds

Stop by, share your vision, and let us help you build your dream vehicle.

Customizing your 4×4 is more than just adding parts, it’s an expression of your lifestyle. That is why we work closely with you to understand how you plan on using your vehicle and find out what’s most important to you so, that we can create the rig that fits your needs and is built for your specific kind of adventure. 

Forklift testing a Jeep Gladiator JT after lifting the suspension

Our Services

In addition to building some of the coolest 4X4 rigs, rigs from Overland vehicles, Weekend Warriors, Daily Drivers or Rock Crawlers. We also offer a wide selection of parts and accessories along with repair and maintenance services.

Lifted Jeep Gladiator JT outside Summit 4X4 Company


4X4 Builds

Tell us what you want from your 4×4 and we’ll design and build the rig that best meets your needs.

King Coilover with Remote Reservoir


Lift Kits

We are dealers for many of the premier lift kit brands and offer a range of products from leveling kits up to custom lifts.

Deconstructed Differential Gear Set



Let us help you select the gear ratio that can best maintain vehicle performance and efficiency after customizing your 4×4.

RIGID Industries LED Spot Light

Lighting &


Safety is a priority, so choose the lighting and radio communications solutions that can maximize your adventures.

Oversized Wheels And Tires With Beadlocks

Wheels &


Matching the right Wheel/Tire combo to your vehicle is huge. Both for performance and looks, and because off-roading is a lifestyle, check out our wide selection of aftermarket wheels and tires.

Stack Of Dimes Welds On A Custom Fabricated Axle Gusset



When off the shelf isn’t what you need, our team of experienced fabricators will work with you to design and create exactly what you’re looking for.

Roush Supercharger

Parts &


From rock crawling to mall crawling, we are your one-stop shop for off-road parts and accessories.

Summit 4X4 Company Technician Performing Repairs

Repair &


From routine maintenance to pre-run/post-run repairs, our technicians have the skills and experience required to keep you ready for adventure.

Read our stories and tech notes

Intro to Overlanding – Vehicle Platform Selection

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, "Intro to Overlanding - Vehicle-Based Travel Overview", we will now take a deeper dive into each of the individual subjects that we briefly touched on. In this segment, we are focusing on Vehicle platforms and expanding on...

Intro to Overlanding – Vehicle Based Travel Overview

We've all seen the beautiful pictures on Social Media platforms that make Overlanding look like some of the most fun a person could ever have traveling in their 4x4 vehicle!  The very definition of Overlanding is traveling a long distance over land, which is usually...

2021 Summit 4×4 Company Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Summit 4x4 Company - Holiday Gift Guide Happy Holidays from the Summit 4x4 Company Family!  Here at Summit 4x4 Company, we strive to bring you the latest products with all budgets in mind to help you with gift ideas for the Holidays!  We have broken these...

RPM Steering – Your Jeep 4×4’s New Best Friend!

"Why is there play in my steering wheel?" "Why does my Jeep wander all over the road?" "Why do I have the dreaded Death Wobble?" These are the typical questions that Summit 4x4 Company receives when a customer is having issues with the steering on their Jeep 4x4.  Not...

Off-Road 101: Trail Etiquette

Whether you are going out exploring by yourself, with family and friends, or even on a club run, there are some things to consider and make sure to not overlook or let anybody in your group overlook. Starting with correct preparation before you leave which includes...

5 Winter Off-Roading Tips

In Today’s age “not knowing” something safety-related is not a valid excuse and since we believe in trying to be prepared for whatever the off-road universe throws at you, we decided to give you our best 5 tips for when venturing into the outdoors during winter. This...

5 Things To Check Before Every Off-Road Trip

We all love having fun out on the trails around here and we know that nothing can ruin a good day off-roading worse than breaking down on the trail. So, here we give you some of the things we always inspect in our rigs before heading out to have a fun time 4-wheeling....

Airing Back Up: What, Why and How

Last time we talked about the ins and outs of deflating your tires for better off-road capabilities, but after airing down to go off the road, we need to air up to get back on the road! First things first. The main reason you want to air back up after getting done...

Airing Down: What and Why

Today, we will address the question we get almost on a daily basis; “Why do you deflate your tires and should I deflate mine?” Deflating tires has a HUGE impact on your vehicle by improving the quality of your ride. It causes less wear on your components and adds...

Off-Road Communication 101

Most people have heard about the usage of a radio in order to communicate when out playing, exploring or racing your 4x4s. What most newer people to the sport don’t know is which radio type to use, why or how to use it. Communication is key and can be a lifesaver when...

Essentials Every Off-Roader Should Carry All The Time!

If only we knew when something bad was going to happen ahead of time, we could plan what to pack with us for that day. But since that is not possible (yet), we believe that carrying a good "EDC" Kit for your 4X4 vehicle is a must. So we decided to put together this...

The Truth About Open vs. Locked Differentials

  Do I Need Differential Lockers? Truth to be told is; even though not everybody needs differential lockers, everybody could use them at some point when off-roading. Most stock 4X4 vehicles come stock equipped with open differentials (Wrangler Rubicons, e-locker...

Summit 4X4 Club – Cinder Hills Run 2019

We decided to go play for a day at the Cinder Hills OHV Park up in Flagstaff. It was a blast and nobody broke anything (which is always good). We hit a couple of big hills, some figure 8's and some fun, super soft trails all day long. Next, a little info about the...

Tech Time: Beefing Up Your Front Axle

If you’ve been around the off road community for any length of time, you’ve heard about the front Dana 30 & the front Dana 44 axles not being strong enough for larger, oversized tires and occasionally you will hear about the axle housings cracking or bending due...

The Importance of 4X4 Routine Maintenance

All vehicles require routine maintenance in order to ensure a long life, and off road vehicles are no exception. Because not all vehicles are driven the same, these are merely recommendations based on what we encounter here at the shop. You should get in the habit of...

Summit’s Memorial Day Mayhem Off-Road Event

Last Memorial Day Weekend, we at Summit 4X4 Company held our very first Memorial Day Mayhem Off-Road Course event. This event consisted of an obstacle competition, RTI ramps, free play and tons of fun. Here are some of the photos we managed to get: (High definition...

Why Should I Re-Gear After Installing A Lift And Larger Tires?

When you install larger tires, the weight, overall diameter and rolling resistance can result in unwanted stress being transferred to the axles and other components in your Jeep. Re-gearing means that your drivetrain will not have to work as hard to turn those larger...

Summit 4X4 – National Go Topless Day

Last May Summit 4X4 Company and both 4x4 Clubs had the chance to join thousands of Jeep owners across the country on this traditional Jeep parade. We met up for coffee and breakfast at the shop and then we headed out to cruise around Downtown Prescott and around Thumb...

Summit 4X4 Girls Tribe is Here!

H! I am Laurie, an Arizona native (raised in California) married to my best friend, Allen. I am a mom, a grammie and total Jeep Girl! I have to admit I wasn't too excited when Allen signed us  up for our first Jeep adventure - it was the Jeep Jamboree in Big Bear, CA....

The Custom Jeep SUV: A Legacy of Adventure

The Custom Jeep SUV: A Legacy of Adventure If there’s a car on the market that has potentially the most uncompromising history and legacy of excitement and adventure, it’s Jeep. This is a vehicle that has been around for over 75 years, and linked to action, adventure,...


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Lifted Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Ready For Adventure

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Summit 4X4 Company is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona, an area surrounded by national forests, mountains, and countless trails, making it a prime location from which to serve the 4X4 needs of Northern Arizona. Summit 4X4 Company offers a one-stop shop for custom 4X4 builds, parts, and accessories, specializing in Jeep, Toyota, and trucks. Our team of experts works with each customer to design and build the 4X4 rig that meets their needs and fits their lifestyle. We also offer maintenance services to help you keep your 4X4 rig ready for adventure at any given time.

Come see us and become part of the Summit 4X4 Family.


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