We decided to go play for a day at the Cinder Hills OHV Park up in Flagstaff. It was a blast and nobody broke anything (which is always good). We hit a couple of big hills, some figure 8’s and some fun, super soft trails all day long.

Next, a little info about the Cinder Hills.

“The Cinder Hills is a scenic recreation area enjoyed by many off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. Its numerous volcanic cinder cones and craters surrounded by a ponderosa pine forest environment gives the area its unique value. Due to a growing interest in this area for off-highway vehicle recreation, additional management direction is needed to protect sensitive resources and to provide for continuing use of this recreation.

Approximately 13,500 acres in the Cinder Hills has been designated for off-highway vehicle recreation. Management emphasis is for the use of 2-, 3-, and 4-wheel vehicles. Within the 13,500 acre area, portions will have use restricted to a relatively dense network of designated routes which will be identified at a later date. Generally unrestricted use will be on areas devoid of vegetation or with sparse vegetation and without such things as sensitive plants, archaeological sites, critical wildlife habitat, excessively steep slopes, or visually sensitive areas.”

At the end of the day some headed home, while some of us stayed and camp for the night. The weather was perfect for hot dogs and good stories around the fire. The next morning we had some cold brew coffee, good breakfast burritos and explored a little bit as we made our way back to the highway.

On the way back we decided to explore the Lava Tubes between Flagstaff and Williams. We made it all the way to the end of the main tube, signed our names, put them into the geo-cache and headed back. Enjoy the pictures!



Photos courtesy of Summit 4X4 Club Members.