Air, Recovery, and Towing Supplies

If you think you’ll never get stuck off-roading, you’re dead wrong. In fact, getting stuck is half the fun of this pastime. However, if you don’t have the proper towing supplies and recovery tools, you likely won’t be going anywhere. No 4×4 vehicle is truly complete without a proper winch. You’ll also need straps and all of the other recovery kit items that go along with them.

After you pull yourself out of the mud, you might realize something isn’t quite right. If you need to do any repairs on the go, you’ll need the right supplies to do so. Air compressor kits and car jack kits are just a few of the things you should always carry in your vehicle.

No matter which kind of towing supplies you need, Summit 4×4 Company has them for you. Plus, if needed, we’ll help you install your purchase to make sure it’s ready to go the next time you get stuck.

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