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PSC – Cylinder Assist Steering Kit for 1980-86 Jeep CJ5/CJ7/CJ8 with Factory Power Steering – SK115


Oversized tires, differential lockers, and rock obstacles will no longer be an issue for your 1980-86 Jeep CJ with Factory Power Steering.

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Application: 1980-86 Jeep CJ with Factory Power Steering

Oversized tires, differential lockers, and rock obstacles will quickly have your factory power steering system crying for help.

A PSC hydraulic assist cylinder steering system is the solution to turn those much bigger tires like they are stock, whether on or off-the-road. Increase the turning force by an average of 50 percent with a PSC Cylinder Assist Steering System featuring a new steering gearbox that has been modified for cylinder assist while maintaining stock handling, control, and road feel with zero oversteer.

Every PSC BIG BORE Cylinder Assist Steering Kit is complete with everything needed for a successful installation.


  • SG062R Steering Gearbox
  • PK1405-12 Power Steering Pump and Remote Reservoir Kit
  • SC2207K Steering Assist Cylinder Kit with Hardware
  • Assist Cylinder Installation Hose Kit
  • SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid

Positive caster increases align torque, aka the force that straightens the steering wheel when you go forward, which improves straight-line stability of the car. Due to the geometry of positive caster, this will also increase negative camber gain when turning, which will enable a wider tire contact patch. The caster angle is a major contributor to directional control. An insufficient amount of positive caster angle will decrease driver effort at the steering wheel, but may make the vehicle too sensitive and twitchy, especially as speed increases. To achieve the best on-the-road driving experience with larger tire sizes, the recommended front axle caster setting is 6-7 degrees positive.

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Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 16 in


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