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PSC – Cylinder Assist Steering Kit for 1990-94 Jeep YJ/XJ with 32-38 Inch Tires – SK230


Oversized tires, differential lockers, and rock obstacles will no longer be an issue for your 1990-94 Jeep YJ/XJ with 32-38″ Tires.

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Application: 1990-94 Jeep YJ/XJ (32-38 Inch Tire Size)

PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kits are engineered to efficiently handle increased torque loads due to the installation of larger-than-stock tire sizes, upgraded aftermarket axles, and/or locking differentials.

PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kits deliver improved handling characteristics without oversteer and a familiar level of road feel without increased driver effort, making it perfect for daily driven, on-the-road use.


  • Increased Torque Output
  • Relieves stress on steering gearbox and frame mounts
  • Steering Assist Cylinder acts as a dynamic steering stabilizer
  • Compatible with OEM Hose Assemblies and serpentine belt


  • SG061R BIG BORE Cylinder Assist Steering Gear
  • PK1851 High Performance Pump Kit
  • SC2207K (1.75 Inch X 6 Inch) Cylinder Kit with Hardware
  • HK2015 Gear Box to Cylinder Complete Hose Kit
  • SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid


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Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 16 in


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