SUMMIT 4X4 CLUBS – Christmas Fundraiser to Benefit Chino Valley High School Girls Athletics Pay-to-Play Fund


We will be holding our 2nd Annual Holiday Christmas Fundraiser without the Trail Run!

This year we will be raising funds for the Chino Valley High School Girls Athletics Pay-to-Play Fund. These funds help to supply lunch/dinner for the underprivileged female athletes when they travel to road games. This program also pays for their sports equipment (if they can’t afford it) and college transcripts if they are currently taking college courses.



More details to follow!

This is a combined event with Summit 4×4 Company and Summit 4×4 Club/Girls Tribe.

The actual 4X4 Run has been canceled because of local restrictions but the Fundraiser is still going on! We will leave the donation form open through the whole month of December.

You can donate HERE

** All proceeds will get donated to Chino Valley High School Girls Athletics Pay-to-Play Fund.**

For any questions please contact George at george@summit4x4clubs.com or Laurie at laurie@summit4x4clubs.com


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There are inherent risks and dangers while off-roading. Summit 4×4 Club is not responsible for any and all risks of injury, harm, medical conditions, or property damage to participates. All participants (on behalf of him/her self and his/her minor children) are responsible for their own safety and assumes all liabilities, and waives any and all damages against Summit 4×4 Club (including its organizers, hosts, sponsors, and members).

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