This year was our very first year as an exhibitor at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ. and let me tell you, we were blown away by the support we got from every one of you that stopped by our booth to say hi, get some stickers and bought Summit apparel. Over the years, this kind of support on every endeavor we set our eye on, both blows our minds and pushes us to work harder and better. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to THANK YOU!

Now, let’s get to the event. Overland Expo has grown so much since its early years (here in Prescott and then Mormon Lake) but one thing that has stayed with it is that sense of comradery that most people involved with it (both vendors and spectators) get and show to each other.

This is the place for all adventure fans, whether you do it on a bicycle, motorcycle, kayak, Earthroamer, Jeep or a Toyota, this place brings not only the latest products, and great relationships but also, a ton of knowledge whether you are planning a week-long trip for the first time or you are a seasoned world-roamer, there is always something you can learn at the Overland Expos.

Our experience began with unloading all things work-related on Thursday. Followed by a warm propane-powered campfire and some good conversations with friends at our campsite. Friday, we got up early and headed to set up the booth canopies, tables, and everything needed to welcome y’all. Friday went by so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to walk around and shake most industry friends’ hands. We had crazy winds all day and we had to interrupt multiple conversations with people that stopped by the booth, just to chase stickers, hats, and even shirts that would fly away randomly. The day was followed by a “Potluck” style Taco night that grew into something much bigger than anyone had anticipated.

After a great night with great friends (old and new), we headed to the booth early to get everything set up since we would take all of it down every day because of the wind. Saturday was even busier than Friday and after the work day was done, we headed back to camp just to get ready for both the AT Overland/Equipt/X Overland and the KC Hilites Party. Both were filled with awesome people. We had great pizza at the KC Hilites one, from the same pizza guys we had pizza from at Easter Jeep Safari earlier this year. The night went well and after a little bit of ripping around on the shop’s little Honda z50, we called it a night. Sunday was a much quieter day. We got to walk around and shake friends’ hands and take a look at all the rigs around the expo for the first time over the weekend.

As impressive as everything at the event was. We were all blown away by the huge amount of support from the Summit family both new and old. Seeing the places that you’ve gone and hearing your learning and adventures along the way was amazing. All we can say is THANK YOU and we can’t wait until next year’s.


Check out some of the rigs we spotted around the expo.