When you install larger tires, the weight, overall diameter and rolling resistance can result in unwanted stress being transferred to the axles and other components in your Jeep. Re-gearing means that your drivetrain will not have to work as hard to turn those larger tires and move your rig.


Due to the extra weight and stress on your Jeeps drive train, you may experience one, or more of the following affects:

  1. Loss of power.
  2. Loss of performance.
  3. Slower take off’s.
  4. Affected fuel efficiency.
  5. Over worked engine/pre-mature wear on drivetrain.


Re-gearing to the proper gear ratio provides you with the appropriate balance of torque and speed, resulting in the re-gain of power, performance and fuel economy in your Jeep.

Summit 4X4 Co. is proud to offer Re-Gear packages with the following manufacturers: G2, Revolution, Yukon, Motive, Nitro and Dana. These manufacturers offer nothing but the highest quality components available.

Thinking about lockers? Now would be the time have them installed!! Please contact the guys at the shop (928-227-2026) for a custom quote.

***Each Summit 4X4 Re-Gearing package includes complimentary lube locker gaskets for the front and rear differentials and a complimentary 500 mile gear oil change***