Wire Covering 6 to 8 MM Diameter-sold by the foot sPOD

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S026 20415

Self Closing Sleeve. This self-closing braided sleeving is light-weight and made of a black PET mono-filament and a textured multi-filament combination. It is knitted with a rugged, but smooth texture and appearance.The knitted construction provides good drainage, while maintaining superior abrasion resistance.It comes in a cylindrical shape with an overlap Self Closing Sleeve. It allows you to wrap the sleeving around your wire harness, and is ideal for re-working components without disconnecting them.It ensures a protection of wires with a 90 degree minimum overlap. Wrap self-closing sleeving directly around wires, cable assemblies and hoses to protect from cutting, abrasion and chafing.Black PET monofilament and multifilament combination for a lightweight smooth textureKnitted construction provides good drainage while maintaining superior abrasion resistanceShaped in a cylinder with an overlap for self-closingSelf-closure makes it easy to close and re-open for reworking components without disconnecting themEnsures a protection of wires with a minimum of 90 Degree overlap-40 DegreeF (-40 DegreeC) to 302 DegreeF (150 DegreeC)

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