We all love having fun out on the trails around here and we know that nothing can ruin a good day off-roading worse than breaking down on the trail. So, here we give you some of the things we always inspect in our rigs before heading out to have a fun time 4-wheeling.


1.- TIRES:

Make sure your tires are in good condition, that they have enough thread, they are not cracked and they don’t leak any air. Having at least one spare (same size as the other 4) is always a must. One other thing that gets overseen as well is actually having the right style of tires for the terrain that you are going to be crossing. If you have highway tread, it’s not the best idea to go out and play in the snow.




2.- 4X4 SYSTEM:

I can’t remember how many times we’ve been with a group of friends off-roading just to realize one of the rigs’ 4×4 doesn’t work. Of course, nobody realizes that their 4×4 doesn’t work until they are fully stuck and realize that the front tires are not spinning at all. So, before you head out, always make sure your 4×4 engages and disengages properly. Differential lockers? This is the perfect time to test them as well.





Always check your fluids before heading out to hit the trails. We recommend keeping extra fluid with you in case you need it (coolant, PS fluid, Transmission fluid, etc). A lot of important systems under your hood are belt driven. That includes your steering and your charging system. Without either one of those, you would not be going very far. Always make sure your belt is in good shape.






Shocks, shock mounts, springs, tie rods, tie rod ends and all of your suspension/steering components play a HUGE role when out playing on an off-road situation and on an on-road situation. Make sure nothing is cracked, loose, or has excessive play. you will be putting a lot of stress on both your suspension and steering when out on the trails, so you want to make sure they are in good working condition before you hit the trails.





The electrical system is one of your vehicle’s main pieces. It starts and runs your motor, lights, winch, GPS, E-Lockers, Air Compressor, and more. A non-working charging system can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. So, don’t risk it. Lights can be essential when it comes to longer off-road trips but any off-road trip can extend because of somebody having a trail misadventure. Don’t ever only rely on the sun’s light to make it back home or at least out of the trail.


A good rule of thumb is to always carry extra water, some kind of communication, a knife, and a source of fire. Even though there are many other things recommended for off-road trips, these are the bare basic ones for us. If you carry any kind of recovery gear, always make sure it’s in good working condition.

Overall, pay attention to smells or noises when it comes to your rig. You will normally get warning signs when there is something wrong going with it, you just have to pay attention and avoid taking unnecessary risks.


Stay safe, have FUN and if you have any questions, give us a call or stop by the shop!