3 Benefits of Frequently Servicing Your 4x4 Suspension

3 Benefits of Frequently Servicing Your 4x4 Suspension

Posted by Zack Sharpe on 7th Jun 2023

Suspension systems are crucial components that ensure your vehicle’s tires remain in contact with the road as much as possible. If you like to take your vehicle off the beaten path, you can expect wear and tear on various suspension components, which affects their performance. This is where suspension maintenance, a service that is often overlooked, comes into play. Avid off-roaders must take care of their vehicle’s suspension. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of servicing your 4x4 suspension frequently, this blog post has all the info you’ll need.

You’ll Avoid Future Problems

One thing that makes suspension vulnerable is the fact that it constantly moves. Many car parts are stationary inside the vehicle, but this isn’t the case for shocks, coils, linkages, or airbags. This continuous movement while under load inevitably increases wear and, without proper service, can result in premature failure. While most suspension systems are designed for constant movement, seals, fittings, and internals have been known to fail or wear down without the driver’s knowledge. Fortunately, Summit 4x4 Company is always here to help, and our off-road mechanics will look at your suspension system during a courtesy multipoint inspection if you bring in your vehicle for maintenance. If we notice that something seems off or worn down, we will suggest potential fixes or replacements that’ll get your vehicle running like new again and prevent a more catastrophic failure in the future.

Improves Equipment Longevity

Even if your 4x4’s suspension isn’t in critical need of a fix or replacement, another advantage of frequent service is ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Many aftermarket suspension kits benefit from regular lubrication, which ensures no metal on metal contact, reduces noise and clunks, and protects your investment. While we often think about oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid flushes as preventative or routine maintenance, it’s important to consider your suspension during these service intervals. A simple lubrication of ball joints, shock recharge or rebuild, or inspection of bushings could prevent unwanted road noise while prolonging the life of your equipment.

Some Features Might Not Function Properly Without Routine Service

While regular lubrication isn’t necessary for all suspension kits, many off-roading kits are equipped with fittings designed for regular lubrication. Many manufacturers recommend regular greasing in order to get the expected performance, a service we offer when inspecting suspension components. High-end models and those featuring remote reservoirs typically need a nitrogen recharge. Doing so improves dampening and prolongs the life of components which would see additional stress should you drive under pressured shocks for a period of time. There’s no doubt that we ask a lot of our off-road rigs, and servicing your suspension is just one of the many services we offer at Summit 4x4 Company to keep you and your rig out on the trails. If you’ve noticed a knock, clunk, or it’s been a while since you showed your suspension some love, give us a call and we’ll get you back doing what you love.