Summit 4X4 Company History


A Jeep isn’t just another vehicle, it’s a family tradition. Summit 4X4 Company’s founder, Jesse Wasil, remembers his family Jeep as a staple of his childhood. From the time he can remember, it was way cooler to be dropped off at school in his family’s lifted CJ5 than your regular ol’ minivan. His off-road adventures in that Jeep instilled the passion for 4×4 vehicles that he brings to his family business today. Jesse’s passion is shared with his family. He even taught his daughters to drive stick shift in the family’s 1968 CJ5!

Summit 4X4 Company began in 2012 with Jesse customizing vehicles on the side and has since grown into a full service custom build 4×4 shop specializing in Jeeps and Toyotas. Our mission is to help off-roaders, whether new to the sport or seasoned veterans, enjoy the adventure lifestyle by building and maintaining the 4×4 vehicle that best fits their needs. We do this by ensuring that every customer has an excellent experience throughout every interaction with us. Our vision is that customers consider Summit 4X4 Company to be their go-to expert for all things relating to their 4×4 vehicle.

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“Owning a 4×4 is like being part of an extended family,” says Jesse. “There’s a sense of community.”

Summit 4X4 Company is focused on building a sense of community and strives to create this experience with every customer. Jesse and the team work with every customer from the moment they walk in to realize their dreams and passion through the build of their 4×4. While looking good is important, the Summit 4X4 Company team focus on each vehicle having the capability and functionality required to fit the customer’s lifestyle.

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