2nd Place Winners of the



KOH 2024 4500 Class EMC 2nd place winners!!

Summit 4x4 Company takes the stage winning 2nd place in the King of the Hammers

We did it!! After a grueling race in the toughest rock canyons in the country, the Summit 4x4 Racing Team took home the 2nd place trophy for the 4500 class.

Miles of desert followed by rock obstacle after obstacle, Shad Kennedy and Co-Drivers Jesse Wasil and Jeff Cooper gave it their all. Stopping to change a tire and fix a broken suspension link, the Summit Team was a mere 1.5 minutes behind the first place seat.

Stay tuned as the team begins sifting through some of the epic footage they got to bring you a complete recap of their 2024 King of the Hammer journey!

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Summit 4x4 company's Racing Team

Welcome to Summit 4x4 Company's Racing page. Learn about the team, catch up on our latest race videos, and check out what makes our 4500 class ultra4 race car Venom a force to be reckoned with.

Preparing for the hardest race in the world | With Shad Kennedy

Join Driver Shad Kennedy as he talks everything King of the Hammers. In this video, he talks about the teams 2023 experience as well as the preperation that's going into the 2024 season. Stay tuned for our next video covering the main event!


Shad Kennedy with Summit 4x4 Company Racing Team

Shad Kennedy - Driver

A Hemit California native, Shad Kennedy is no novice when it comes to desert racing. Having conquered King of the Hammers in 2012 during his tenure at Poison Spyder, Shad's determined to top the leader board once again with none other than Venom, his custom built 4500 Class race car.


Patrick with the Summit 4x4 Company Racing Team

Patrick Trawick - Pit Crew

Patrick, a dedicated member of the pit crew, is instrumental in ensuring the 4500 class race car is ready for the tasks at hand. Prepparing systems, ensuring fluids are topped off, and supporting the team during the race are just a few of the tasks Patrick has assisted with during his time on the team.

Jeff Cooper with the Summit 4x4 Company Racing Team

Jeff Cooper - Co-Driver

A master at reading the rocks, Jeff Cooper is Shad's right hand man when it comes to tackling the notorious King of the Hammers course. When seconds count, Cooper's there to aid in navigation, recovery, and spotting. Techniques he's acquired and perfected over a long career of desert racing and co-driving some of the West Coasts most treacherous trail systems.

Kurt Anderson with the Summit Racing Team

Kurt Anderson - Crew Chief

Ahead of race day, Kurt Anderson can be found organizing and participating in preperation efforts, setting up main and remote pits, as well as ensuring the necessary tooling, fuel, and replacement parts are at the ready. Additionally, Kurt has been instrumental in overseeing and conducting vehicle repairs, pre-running, and racer prep.

Jesse Wasil with Summit 4x4 Racing Team

Jesse Wasil - Co-Driver

Founder and Owner of Summit 4x4 Company, Jesse has earned a spot amongst desert races after co-driving for Shad in 2023's King of the Hammers. The desert loop involves navigating at high-speeds, passing, and the occasional recovery, tasks that Jesse will have a heavy hand in getting Shad and the race car through.

Zachary Sharpe the media and marketing manager for Summit 4x4 Company's Racing Team

Zachary Sharpe - Media & Marketing

In the thick of the action, Zack is dedicated to bringing the racing experience to all of you. Capturing the process from prep to race day, Zack's involvement includes sponsor acquisition and outreach, content creation and media, as well as graphic design, and crew apparel.

Venom1 Race Car built at Poison Spyder by Shad Kennedy
The crew at pit at the Legends of Havasu race in 2023

The car

Venom1 Race Car built by Shad Kennedy


Venom is no new face to the Ultra4 scene. Taking home the gold in the 2012 King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge, this LS3 powered 4500 class car is a force to be reckoned with. Built from the ground up, this car features products from manufacturers like Currie Enterprises, Falken Tires, Garmin, PCI Radio, NecksGen, Fox, Adam's Driveshaft, Vision, Howe, Rigid Industries, and more.

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