Summit 4×4 Company sponsored another How-To clinic this past week with folks from both the Summit 4×4 Club and Girl’s Tribe making an appearance. Chris Ramm led the day’s instruction with an in-depth overview of the High-Lift, its various components, and how to go about servicing and maintaining them. 

The group was eager to see the lift in use and were wide eyed when Chris demonstrated the dangers of the High-Lift jack when under load. A watermelon was sacrificed in the name of science and the point of keeping one’s head away from the jack handle was clearly understood by all. 

With its many uses in mind, Chris, with the assistance of 4×4 Club’s Victor Torres, demonstrated the ways in which a jack of this nature could be used. From winching, to lifting and guiding the tools functionality was demonstrated and spectators were encouraged to get hands on with the gear. 

Members took turns using the High-Lift in a variety of ways, only corrected when needed, and were provided the opportunity to feel the tool working. The general consensus of the group after the training was one of relief. Relief that this tool, which oftentimes can seem intimidating, is more than a hood ornament. This tool is one of many uses that can lead to a safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience. 

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