Custom Off Road Accessories in Prescott, AZ


Our team at Summit 4X4 Company are vehicle upgrade and customization experts that will work with you to realize the full potential of your 4×4 rig.


There is much more to customizing a 4×4 than just adding parts. That is why we work closely with you to define how you plan to use your vehicle, understand what is most important to you, and create a 4×4 vehicle build that fits your needs.


Each 4×4 vehicle is customized to fit your lifestyle. From “rock crawlers” to “mall crawlers”, Summit 4X4 Company is here to make your vision come to life in terms of both looks and functionality.


Why Customize Your 4×4?


You may be wondering why it’s essential to customize your 4×4. Well, the more advanced and decked-out your vehicle is, the greater chance you have of creating a new experience every time you go off roading. This is integral to the off roading culture because we believe there’s something to be discovered every time we get behind the wheel. The experience of off roading can also become unique to you as a driver and you can shape your lifestyle through your vehicle and its attributes.

We hope you’re inspired by these off road accessories Prescott, AZ loves.



Want to add a little extra horsepower? We offer exhaust, cold air intake, programmers, and throttle response controllers.


We offer front and rear bumpers in a range of sizes. We also carry rear bumpers including those with swing out tire carriers.


When you change your tire size, it’s important to consider re-gearing to maintain the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.


Upgrade to LEDs for headlights, fog lights, tail lights, light bars, and rock lighting.

Wheels & Tires

Check out our select of major aftermarket wheel and tire brands.

Recovery Gear

Having the right gear is crucial when off-roading. View our range of winches, high-lift jacks, snatch blocks, tow straps, air compressors, and more.

Lift Kits

We offer a range of lifts from leveling kits up to the full suspension lift kits Prescott, AZ relies on.

Repair and Maintenance

From oil changes and filter replacements to brake adjustments and fluid flushes, we have you covered.


Build the perfect 4x4 for your lifestyle!

Our experienced staff will install your parts and accessories with the utmost attention to quality and detail.