Tackle the Trails with Class-Leading Off-Road Capability

Jeep is known for a number of things: its legacy of quality that stretches back to World War II, its superior comfort and performance, and of course, its class-leading off-road capabilities. People who are focused on adventure, freedom, and a do anything, go anywhere attitude look to no other vehicle.

From the Wrangler to the Grand Cherokee and beyond, Jeep Trail Rated SUVs are designed for off-roading as well as customization. Let’s explore the qualities of Trail Rated Jeep vehicles, the class-leading off-road capability they offer, and where to get a custom Jeep off-road SUV to your specifications.

Trail-Rated Off Road Capability

Trail Rated” isn’t just a term that Jeep slaps onto its off road SUV lines. Rather, those models that gain this title go through a series of punishing tests including checking ground clearance, traction, articulation, maneuverability, and even the ability to ford water. Only by passing each of these tests can a Jeep be rated as the class-leading off-road capability it’s designed to offer.

The Best Traction

Of course, the best off-roading starts with traction. It’s at the heart and soul of every Jeep, and our 4×4 SUVs can handle some of the hardest trailblazing conditions there are. Whether you just need to ford a tough snowstorm or you’re looking to take on rocky and muddy hills, the right Jeep can get you there.

Ground Clearance

Almost as important as traction is ground clearance. You need your Jeep to sit high enough so that the rocks and uneven ground you need to traverse don’t damage your undercarriage. Trail-Rated Jeeps are known for having plenty of room underneath, as well as underbody armor plates to protect your gas tank, exhaust, oil pan and engine.


Articulation refers to the flexibility of your suspension to handle deep potholes and the most uneven ground. The company puts a great deal of focus in this, and trucks like the Grand Cherokee feature the off-road Quadra-Lift air suspension for ideal ascent and descent control.


When you’re dealing with uneven road, slippery gravel, sticky mud and other off-road conditions, you need a truck that’s going to handle well, and Jeep models that receive the Trail Rated badge can steer over and around any obstacle in your way.

Fording Water

They say never to drive through standing water, but when you’re off-road, or even in times of emergency, you might just have to, and a Trail Rated capable Jeep SUV can handle it. Jeep seals electrical connections and body openings, as well as positioning the air intake higher, so that you can handle driving through creeks, streams, and flooding.

Custom Jeep

With features like the Quadra-Drive 4×4 and Quadra-Lift Suspension, Jeep Trailhawk off-road SUVs are Trail Rated for class-leading off-road capability. Of course, the best way to show off your love for the brand is to drive a custom Jeep that’s tailored to your specifications and needs.

If you’d like to see what custom parts and installation can do to make your Jeep truly your own, contact Summit 4X4 Company and ask about our custom Jeep services today!