Must-Have 4x4 Body Modifications for Your Vehicle

Must-Have 4x4 Body Modifications for Your Vehicle

Posted by Zack Sharpe on 31st Aug 2023

As a 4x4 vehicle owner, you can relate to the sense of freedom that comes with off-road exploration. However, to fully enjoy this experience and protect your vehicle, it is essential to equip it with proper body modifications. After all, nothing ruins the excitement of a trip like preventable damage. In this guide, we will discuss some must-have 4x4 body modifications for your vehicle, focusing on ones that all off-roaders, new and old, should consider. Each of these modifications can enhance your off-roading capabilities and provide additional safety and security.

Off-Roading Tires

It should go without saying, but standard road tires are not designed to withstand the harsh conditions and surfaces encountered while off-roading. Therefore, investing in a set of high-quality off-roading tires is a must for anyone who hits the trail often. These tires have a more aggressive tread pattern, allowing for better traction and siphoning of water on terrain like mud, sand, rock, or during water crossings. Additionally, off-roading tires are constructed with reinforced sidewalls to resist punctures and damage caused by rocks and other obstacles. Off-road trails here in Arizona are often comprised of shale rock, which could easily puncture the sidewall of an unsuitable tire.

Vehicle Body Protection

In order to safeguard your vehicle’s body and components from potential damage that may occur during off-road adventures, it is crucial to install adequate body protection. There are various body protection options available, such as skid plates, rock sliders, metal fenders, front and rear bumpers, brush guards—the list goes on and on. A solid set of skid plates offers protection to your vehicle’s undercarriage, preventing damage from rocks, logs, or other obstacles you may encounter. Often, skid plates take the brunt of the trail damage, especially if you find yourself on rock crawling trails. Rock sliders are vital if you plan on doing any type of wheeling off-road. The added protection they provide ensures you don’t leave the trail with damaged quarter panels, and they also second as anchor or lift points. They come in all shapes and sizes, with many of them offering a convenient step when entering your lifted rig. Their rugged construction makes them a great point to utilize a Hi-Lift jack from, and their price point is well below what it would cost to repair damaged doors and fenders. Brush guards and bumpers are components that not only protect your vehicle, but also enhance its overall aesthetic and functionality. In addition to housing winches, lights, antennas, and more, aftermarket off-road bumpers offer protection from bushes, trees, debris, and rocks. Additionally, they provide more solid recovery points than those found on vehicles from the factory.

Lift Kit

A lift kit paired with a set of larger off-road tires is the perfect combination to improve ground clearance and articulation. By increasing the height of your vehicle, you are decreasing the likelihood of your vehicle’s body coming in contact with an obstacle or obstruction. In addition to enhancing your off-road performance, a lift kit and tires are a great way to improve your vehicle’s stance and on-road appeal.

Recovery Equipment

Recovery equipment is a must-have 4x4 body modification for your vehicle, no matter your skill level as an off-roader. There’s no doubt that if you spend enough time on the trails, you or someone you come across will need to be recovered at some point. When that’s the case, a reliable recovery option or two is necessary. A dependable winch equipped with a decent winch line is the first step in making sure you don’t venture unprepared. A set of recovery boards like MaxTrax is often enough to get you out of most situations; however, if you plan on doing any type of serious rock crawling, a winch would be more advantageous. Some essential recovery equipment to keep in your 4x4 vehicle includes a high-quality recovery strap, a winch, recovery boards or sand ladders, soft shackles, and a shovel. Additionally, having essential recovery skills and knowledge will ensure you can swiftly and safely get your vehicle, or your buddies, back on track. Still have questions? Feel free to come see us at 420 Miller Valley Rd. in Prescott, AZ. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about our products and services, including our custom-build 4x4 body modifications. We’ll steer you in the right direction when it comes to making sure you and your rig are prepared.