A Brief Guide to Choosing a Lift Kit for Your 4x4

A Brief Guide to Choosing a Lift Kit for Your 4x4

Posted by Zack Sharpe on 8th May 2024

Lift kits for 4x4s have always been popular upgrades among off-road enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance and appearance or equip their rig with larger tires. However, choosing the right lift kit for your vehicle requires you to consider several factors that we’ll go over in this brief guide to picking a lift kit for your 4x4. We hope this helps you make the best decision for your 4x4 and use case.

Pick the Type of Lift Kit You Want

Several types of lift kits are available, each with unique benefits, functions, and drawbacks. The two most common types are suspension lift kits and body lift kits. Suspension lift kits increase ground clearance by replacing or upgrading the vehicle’s suspension components—like coilovers, leaf springs, and coils—while body lift kits elevate the body of the car from its frame for a more aggressive look without lifting the chassis.

Before you decide, think about how you intend to use your vehicle. Will it remain a pavement princess, or are you building a rig for the road less traveled? Suspension lift kits are generally better suited for people looking to improve travel, dampening, and rebound, as they offer increased height and performance. Consider a body life if you’re less interested in improving your vehicle’s suspension performance and instead fancy changing your rig’s appearance.

Consider Your Wheel Size

Upgrading your 4x4 with a lift kit often goes hand in hand with upsizing tires. It’s not uncommon to keep the OEM wheels and only upgrade the tires when lifting a vehicle. Technically, installing larger tires is the only way to raise your differentials higher off the ground. Off-road tires offer superior traction, an upgrade you will most certainly notice on the trails. Before deciding on a lift kit, it’s a good idea to consider the maximum tire size you’d like to run.

Remember that the larger the tires, the more your vehicle’s fuel economy and performance will change. Choose a lift kit compatible with your desired tire size, and note the manufacturer’s recommended tire size to avoid issues down the line.

Check for Quality Materials and Warranties

A high-quality kit will offer superior internal components and performance in comparison to the cheaper variety. Adjustable reservoirs, internal bump stops, valving, and bypasses are all common in high-quality kits. If you’re concerned or confused about the best kit for your vehicle, reach out to us at Summit 4x4, and we’ll help find you a kit that suits your needs.

You should also inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty when selecting a lift kit. A warranty can be a significant indication of the product’s quality. Plus, it’ll protect you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. A company that stands behind its product has taken the necessary steps to ensure its functionality.

Find a Trusted Shop To Install the Lift Kit

Once you’ve chosen the correct lift kit for your 4x4, the next step is to install it. While some off-roading enthusiasts prefer a DIY installation, many lift kits require specialized tools and knowledge to install and align them correctly. Improper installation can lead to compromised performance, increased wear and tear on your vehicle, and potential accidents.

Fortunately, you’ve already found the best place to install your new lift kit! Our 4x4 installation services are second to none! If you live near Prescott Valley, AZ, come visit us at Summit 4x4 Company! We would be happy to help you chose a lift kit, schedule an installation, and show you around the shop.